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Other Services

What this Service Include

JCPR offers many other exclusive services to support the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors. JCPR works with several companies and educational establishments to provide a wide range of services that benefits and supports the pharmaceutical industry. Based on our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field, we also act as a consultant for newly established CROs in the region, by providing training for the technical staff and assisting in the transfer of technology to these companies. JCPR is also engaged with many Research and development experts (R&D) in the pharmaceutical formulation sector.

What Sets Us Apart


Years in

the market

More than 22 years in the market.




More than 3000+ healthy volunteers.


Bio Studies Conducted

Over 800+ Bio Studies Conducted.




Over 300+ validated


Our Services Include


Up to 50 beds in our JFDA accredited clinical site

  Well-equipped Emergency Room and Physical Examination Room

Vast experience with working and interacting with JFDA, IRB & Sponsors

Developed and validated Bioanalytical Methods


Our Quality Guarantee

It is of paramount importance when establishing clinical trial centers that a rigid quality system is in place with standard operating procedures (SOPs) carefully created and tailored to fulfill the procedural requirements. At JCPR rigorous regulations exist surrounding every aspect of the center from the design and setup to documentation, storage, health and safety, and reporting. Specialized training is also required from the analysis and operation of the equipment to documentation and generation of reports.


In partnering with our clients and investing in the well-being of our staff, employees, and Volunteers. We at JCPR have spent the good part of our last 30 years establishing and developing a quality system that enables us to run studies as per national and international guidelines smoothly. JCPR is always under constant development. Especially that our center is one of the very few centers in the region that is completely and totally independent without any external benefactors or shareholders. This is one of our many advantages to ensure transparency, integrity, and ethicality in this industry.

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