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About Us

The Jordan Center for Pharmaceutical Research (JCPR) is a Private, Innovated Clinical Research Organization (CRO). Jordan Center for Pharmaceutical Research (JCPR) is a private, innovated Clinical Research Organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Tawfiq Arafat, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Previous Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences in the University of Jordan (JU) and University of Petra (UOP).


Specialized in Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (All Phases) Studies, single, multiple-dose studies (Fed and Fasting conditions), Headquarters in Amman – Jordan. Conducted more than 800 Bioavailability/Bioequivalence Studies since 1999. JCPR has a pool of more than 3000+ healthy volunteers (Males & Females)


Differentiated by regional Coverage (MENA Region), supportive entity to the pharmaceutical companies and qualified by a study team with over 21 years of experience in JCPR and the industry dedicated, Trained, Educated & Experienced staff, Accredited by Jordan Food and Drug Association.


JCPR runs its own well-equipped Bioanalytical Site and has access to an excellent Clinical Site that complies with ICH-GCP, GLP & EMEA requirements. Our Clinical site is supervised by an experienced and motivated medical team and a cherished panel of volunteers and a special population with whom we regularly work. This results in safe and well-controlled Bio studies with a significantly reduced time.

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The Jordan Center for

Pharmaceutical Research


Dr. & Professor Tawfiq Arafat is one of the leading pioneers in the field of Pharmaceutical & Medical studies in the Middle-east.  Dr. Arafat Graduated his Ph.D. from Cardiff University (UK) in 1980 and upon his return to Jordan, he assisted in the establishment of the first Faculty of Pharmacy in Jordan at the University of Jordan and was the Dean of the Faculty (1991) before establishing the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical studies at Petra University which was considered as one of the best Schools of Pharmacy in the middle east and gaining the US accreditation. (1992 – 2017).

Alongside being an academic at various educational establishments, Prof. Arafat started conducting Bio studies and clinical studies since 1983 before establishing the Jordan Center for Pharmaceutical Research (JCPR) back in 1999.


Dr. Arafat has more than 130 publications in his field and is considered as one of the top researchers and scientists in Jordan. You can view all publications here.

Prof. Arafat is a member of the board of Trustees in Jordan University (2014) Member of the Higher Scientific Committee at the Shoman institute (2017) Principal Investigator of Bioequivalence studies. Consultant and Reviewer for the Ministry of Health in Jordan for subjects related to Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies. 

Member of the Clinical Committee at JFDA

Consultant for the Arab union of Pharmaceutical Industries 

Vice President at Petra University.


Meet The Founder

What Sets Us Apart


Years in

the market

More than 22 years in the market.




More than 3000+ healthy volunteers.


Bio Studies Conducted

Over 800+ Bio Studies Conducted.




Over 300+ validated


Why Choose JCPR


Work Ethics

JCPR is working in accordance with the Helsinki declaration when dealing with all human subjects.


JCPR’s high quality systems and Standard operating procedures are always under constant improvement.


JCPR is committed to submit final study reports to sponsors in a manner that meets their timelines and budget.

professional-researcher-lab (1).jpg


JCPR is one of the first accredited CROs in the region with more than 21 years in the field.

Meet The Team

JCPR’s team is highly committed to quality and teamwork. JCPR works with an external IT consultancy to constantly improve and maintain our systems, in addition to updating all of our systems with an automation program to add speed and efficiency to our current work. The company also works with several consultants situated in Canada, UK, and the USA for Data management services including SAAS, WinNonlin and other programs.

Principal Investigator and General Director & CEO

Dr. Tawfiq Arafat

Principal Investigator and General Director & CEO Dr. Tawfiq Arafat, Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Dean of Pharmacy Faculty in Petra University previously.


Team of  Investigators

Team of investigators include General Practitioners (GPs) and specialized physicians and Nurses in different medical branches.

Team of

GCP & GLP professionals

Well trained GCP & GLP professionals and Technicians.

Team of 


Highly experienced Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams.

Team of  development & Marketing

Newly established department for Business Development and Marketing to ensure that both our clients and staff are always provided with the best services available and constant development to our work and systems.

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